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Introduction: There are some impressive and extremely difficult rock towers around the world, competing in being the hardest to climb. One of the more famous and possibly the group of peaks that would get the most votes for being the toughest is the Trango Tower Peaks. There are two main summits in the central part of the group: Great Trango Tower (6286m) and Nameless Tower (6230m) just Trango Tower. The peaks have some of the highest vertical faces on the planet and were for a long time some of the most coveted mountaineering challenges. It was not until 1975 the area opened for climbing and the race for the hard-to-reach summits began.




Trango Tower Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Shigar valley Karakoram, Pakistan
Geographical Location: 3546'2.19"N-7611'1.96"E
Total Area:
Population: 7821 m
Activities: One of the highest Mountain in The World
Best Time: June, July, August
Altitude: 1976
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